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23 July, 2022

A new place of beautiful things

A creative and dynamic space filled with art, treasures, flowers, events and more, opened last week.

By Emily Middleton

‘Pinto Posy’ created by local artist Amy Naef, is the beginning of a lifelong dream.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time. About 20 years, since I was a teenager,” explained Ms Naef.

“I used to have friends out here that had a flower farm, and I used to go out there and do the flowers, and we were all arty. Her mum was very artistic too, Mol Caves.

“It was just something I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve always had my art. You take your ‘nine to five’s’ for years and years to get by, and now I’m in a position to do what I want instead of what I have to.”

Ms Naef wants to bring a point of difference to the main street. During her opening hours, you will be able to walk and see Ms Naef buzzing around, with the opportunity to sit down and pass the time with a bit of creativity.

“If you’re in town or you’re stuck in town and you don’t want to go to the café or library or somewhere else, this will be a space. Music playing, incense burning and I’ll just be scratching around doing my own thing,” said Ms Naef.

Pinto Posy will focus on hand -made items from small businesses, and wants to bring attention to the small made, beautiful things.

“The reason I have bits and pieces here, is because I know when I shop, I want to buy something. It’s not easy in business. So I’ve tried to cover all price ranges. I have prints for people who may not be in the price range of original art, and I’ve got beautiful prints from other artists here too, stationery, bits and pieces,” said Ms Naef.

“I don’t want to compete with what’s already here – I’m very purposeful of that, I’m not here to tread on anyone’s toes, I’m here to support what’s already here. So if someone asks about something I don’t have, I’ll direct them to the right place.”

If she could have, Ms Naef would have just been a floristry and art space, but says “you can’t be niche in small town”.

“Instead, I’ve created a space that I would like to go into, and I’m sure there’s more people like me.”

With no other space of its kind in Gilgandra and surrounds, Ms Naef is excited to be opening Pinto Posy and offering workshops in a place that’s not Dubbo. With its online presence, the space aims at bringing people here to Gilgandra, as well as give the opportunity to local artists.

“I have a history in retail, hospitality, tourism, everything, so it’s a combination of putting all that stuff together,” said Ms Naef.

The name Pinto Posy, comes from the pinto horse, being of broken up beautiful colours, and posy from flowers.

“I was always a horse girl, so it’s a way of incorporating all those things into one thing. A pretty place with flowers.”

Ms Naef welcomes everybody into Pinto Posy, and is excited to share her dream with the rest of Gilgandra.

“If you can see me or the door is open, come in.”

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