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24 August, 2022

100 days of kindergarten

It was over 6500-days-ago for myself, but for some of our kindergarteners, it was only 100 days since their very first day of primary school.

By Emily Middleton

Some were nervous, many were eager, but most were super excited for this next adventure.

Gilgandra Primary School kindergarteners celebrated 100 days last week, and they spent the day dressing up, playing, singing, and eating. What more could you want?

Speaking to Azariah and Archie, they both agreed the day was a lot of fun.

“We got to play and eat cupcakes, and drink hot milos,” said Archie.

“Yeah, it was good,” said Azariah.

School can be tough for littles ones though, and I asked Azariah and Archie what their least favourite part about school was.

“Counting to 100 by 10s,” said Azariah without hesitation.

“Yeah or counting up by fives is even harder,” said Archie.

On their hundredth day, the students dressed up pretending to be 100-years-old, and sang a song at assembly.

The students got to spend time with their teachers and year six buddies while they played all sorts of games and activities. Something that both Azariah and Archie love about school.

“My favourite part about school is playing soccer and writing about the weekend,” said Archie.

“I like social play and lunch,” said Azariah.

“That’s when you play at the end of the day.”

Making the 100 day milestone is quite an achievement for these kindergarteners, but they still have a long way to go until they reach their graduation in 2034.

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