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1 November, 2021

Tips to help keep the snakes away this spring

As the weather continues to get warmer, snakes are back out and about across the region.

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It’s hard to guarantee that a snake won’t end up making a visit to your garden, but there are certain things you can do to help make your garden a little less attractive to them. The best ways to prevent snakes, is to make your property somewhere they don’t want to be.

There are many old wives’ tales on how to keep snakes away, including using essential oils and planting pungent crops, however the jury is out on whether these methods work. In fact, many snake experts believe they do nothing at all to deter the reptiles.  


Keep your garden clean

Keeping your garden clean and tidy goes a long way in preventing snakes. Keep your lawn mowed at a low height, and discard cuttings, rather than leaving them in piles. It also helps to keep your wood pile stacked neat and tight, to prevent snakes from making shelter in the gaps.


Keep baiting mice

You’ve likely been doing this pretty well for a long time already but continue to set out mouse bait around your house. With mice numbers looking like they’re starting to increase again, snakes will come out to hunt them. Reduce the number of mice around your home, reduce the amount of food for the snakes.


Collect your eggs

If you’ve got chickens, now is the time to be extra vigilant in collecting your eggs each morning. Snakes are notorious for loving eggs and once they’ve snagged an egg or two from you, they’ll continue to return for a delicious treat. If you’ve noticed a sudden decline in eggs in your coop, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out for any snakes around your yard.


Plant native species in your garden

Planting native species in your garden can help prevent snakes from entering your property by attracting their predators. Native trees specifically help attract kookaburras, which are known to enjoy eating a snake or two.


Keep your yard dry

Small ponds and water features can attract snakes to your yard as a place to hydrate. Leaving them off, or emptying them of water, if possible, is another great way to deter snakes from your yard.


There’s no magic solution that will prevent snakes from coming into your yard, however you can take proactive steps to ensure that you’re not inviting them to visit.

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