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9 June, 2021

Rebates backdated

Households and small businesses affected by the mouse plague are now able to claim rebates for purchasing mouse bait from February 1, 2021.

By Emily Middleton

Due to backlash against the NSW government’s original plan, only being able to claim rebates from May 13, farmers and locals alike were outraged with the lack of understanding of just how long the plague has continued.

“It’s just not enough,” said local farmer, Norm Moeris. “Plus, the new mouse bait that the government released is only enough to treat 95 tonnes, and that wouldn’t even cover the Gil shire. So how they expect they’re going to cover all of rural NSW, I don’t know.

“Spring’s going to be our biggest killer. If we’re going to have a mild winter like they’re forecasting, the mice are going to still be around and they’re going to multiply like hell when it warms up and give us another hammering,” said Mr Moeris.

Primary producers are now able to claim a single rebate of up to $1000, where their business and residence share an address. As well as mouse baits, traps and cleaning materials are now available to be claimed if a proof of purchased on or before February 1, 2021, is provided.

“By the time I fill the paperwork in, it wouldn’t even be worth mucking around doing it. We were buying 500 kilograms, and that was $4000, used to within a week. Some people are going to do it but, $500, I think my wife bought that amount in IGA or Rohr’s, just to treat the household.

But anything is better than nothing. We aren’t really asking for handouts. They just should have kept the mice on the noxious animal act, so we can take our grain in to the rural land services and get it treated and bring it back here,” said Mr Moeris.

Minister for agriculture Adam Marshall said plans to provide farmers with bromadiolone treated grain for perimeter baiting are progressing but remain dependant on approval from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. 

“Bromadiolone perimeter baiting is a second layer of defence on top of the doubled rate of zinc phosphide application.

“Soon farmers will be able to get their grain treated free of charge to protect their hard-sown crops from vermin,” said Mr Marshall. 

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