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28 April, 2022

Junior judges impress at Sydney Royal Show

Tahlee Rose Duffy and Georgia Briggs competed at the Sydney Royal Easter Show for junior judging earlier this month.

By Emily Middleton

Both performed exceptionally well across all areas, and Miss Duffy came home with a reserve champion in fleece judging, and a third placing in grain judging.

“It was a lot of fun and honestly I was really surprised that I placed, I couldn’t believe it,” said Miss Duffy.

“There were lots of people watching which was quite nerve wracking at first. Plus it was my first time, and I was with people who had been doing it for years and years.”

Miss Duffy said that the judges were quite impressed by her level of professionalism and judging. “The fleece judge was surprised by what I said in my speech.

“He knew I had never done this before and also the fact I had come from Gilgandra; he hadn’t had many people from Gil come through before, and was just surprised to see someone from such a small town and little community come out and do something like this,” said Miss Duffy.

Mum Jacqui Marki was very proud of her daughter and everybody else who competed.

“We are extremely proud, especially with the turn out, there were quite a few kids there,” said Ms Marki.

“Everyone did really well.”

There were 19 young judges competing in merino fleece, and 24 competing in grain.

Miss Briggs competed in the fruit and vegetable judging, as well as the merino fleece judging.

“It was a bit overwhelming; I wasn’t really expecting how but it was. I went in thinking it was going to be easy, but in state level, it’s a completely different difficulty.”

Miss Briggs explained that the judges purposefully withheld information that contestants had to figure out, in order to work out the total score.

“I know what I did wrong,” said Miss Briggs.

“For example, in fruit and veg, instead of having one type of fruit, like a tomato, they would have four different types of tomato, and one of which is a completely different colour so it would throw you into thinking it wasn’t ripe.”

Judges commended the young competitor judges on their handling of the products, stating that they “did it with a type of professionalism that’s new to them for young people”.

“I am 100 per cent so proud of her,” said mum Kylie Briggs.

“I am just so proud of how both the girls conducted themselves in Sydney. It was such an amazing effort.”

The pair are now ready to take on this year’s junior judging at the Gilgandra Show, coming up in a few weeks’ time.

“I made so many friends at the state level, that when we left, we said, see you next year!” said Miss Briggs.

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