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1 September, 2020

GrainCorp predicting a bumper local harvest

Harvest is quickly approaching, and anticipation is building for a good yield this year. GrainCorp are predicting a good year and as such will be opening their Armatree site for the first time since 2016.

By Telden Nelson

GrainCorp's area manager Jaimie Zell said that a combination of factors has created the opportunity for a large harvest this coming season.

“The nutrition has been right, the country has had a spell over the last three years, all the crops have been planted on time and it wasn’t too wet early on,” said Mr Zell.

“The crops have established really well, and they can handle the moisture that they’ve received through July and August.”

When asked how this year was shaping up compared to 2016, Mr Zell said it was looking to be an even bigger harvest.

“My area runs from Coonamble to Peak Hill and I think we’ll go close to filling every site on the Coonamble rail line this year there appears to be that much potential out there. It would be many years, if ever, that conditions have been so good at this time of the year. Added to that most growers have put more area in, due to lower livestock numbers and the bare condition of the country coming out of the drought. There has also been substantial topdressing with urea gone on as the crop has been growing in potential.

“In 2016 there was a lot of the district that didn’t get crops in because the rain came too late and farmers couldn’t sow because the country was too wet. This year everything has come on time right in the perfect window for every particular variety. We’re sitting in the box seat to maximise each crop’s potential.”

Mr Zell said that there will be plenty of local employment prospects available with anywhere between 30 and 40 jobs on offer in both Gilgandra and Gulargambone.

But given complications caused by the coronavirus, labour shortages are causing a pinch on the farming industry in the lead up to the harvest season.

“Everyone is making plans but there is some concern about the corona virus situation and how that might impact on their operations.

“Most people in the rural sector are saying It’s hard to find workers, trying to get people to operate their headers, operate their chaser bins, anything back in the paddock is all a bit of a battle. Labour’s a concern but apart from that the mood is very upbeat.”

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