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27 November, 2021

Harvest happenings

Reflecting on last year’s temperatures during harvest time, almost exactly a year to date, the district was experiencing tops of 40.8 degrees.

By Emily Middleton

The average was around 35.9 degrees, and temperatures would only get down to 11.5 degrees, with minimal rain.

However, 2021 has seen a complete shift since last year, with damaging winds, torrential rain, and low temperatures throughout the region. Not exactly what harvesters need at this time.

The Gilgandra shire has been quite lucky this time round, according to Grain Corp area manager, Tom Koertz, with not much damage being done.

“We had a few people pulling up through the weather, still chipping away at it,” said Mr Koertz.

“Gilgandra was very fortunate the wind didn’t wreak too much havoc. It’s one of those things, it’s a pain, but we are lucky we have a lot of options here in Gil which obviously helps. So it was business as usual really.”

Mr Koertz has hopes it will warm up by the end of the week.

“Yeah so we were pretty lucky around Gil, a lot of people missed out on the big rain, it just needs to warm up a touch. We should be good by the end of the week.”

This weekend is set to be tops of 31 degrees, with minimal rain predicted on Sunday.

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