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11 March, 2022

Goat production day is back

The goat industry is booming in Australia, according to Meat and Livestock Australia, and one local business are using that information to benefit the rest of the goat community.

By Emily Middleton

Jo Stewart, also known as The Gourmet Goat Lady, and husband Craig, are running a goat production field day at their Collie property next week.

The first production day held last year was a great success, and this year is set to be just as popular if not more. Small tweaks have been made to the proceedings, and new and improved information from industry experts will be on display.

The Stewart’s explained that Australia’s goat meat supply currently doesn’t meet the demand for export. Therefore, the couple have taken it on themselves to provide this educational day for the industry, as a way of giving back.

“A lot is done through Local Land Services, plus the sheep and cattle industry have more groups, commit- tees, advocates etc, whereas the goat industry doesn’t have a lot of those.” The couple’s peculiar interest in the

industry has made themselves a name, with people ask- ing for advice from all over the country. “I suppose the fact we’ve been in goats and got a bit of a name doing the meat side of things.

“We’ve received a lot of phone calls and emails from people over the years, wanting to know how to do this or should I do this, or what have I done wrong, a lot of that sort of thing,” said Mr Stewart.

This year’s event will be a step up from last year, however, still covering some basics.

“We want to make sure it’s not the same thing year in and year out,” said Mr Stewart.

“The production day is a perfect day to start building a network. Attendees can talk to each other and get con- tacts together for their own business.

The couple believe there is a lack of extension in the industry, meaning days like these are becoming more important than ever.

Attendees from all across NSW and Queensland are travelling for the event that has been intensified, and created specifically for the industry. 

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